Life at Newton’s Grove School: cultivating total excellence

We believe social interaction is just as important as academics. That’s why we offer a variety of socially focused classes and activities to suit a diversity of interests.

Athletics: growing mind, body and spirit

The mission of our Athletic program is to create, foster and build an environment that provides all students with the opportunity to identify and develop their potential through participation in interscholastic athletics. We have garnered many championships and individual accolades, from league titles to provincial championships, because of the time, energy and desire we invest. We offer students a healthy range of sports activities, from traditional sports such as basketball and soccer, to bowling and table tennis. Through the strength of our athletics program, our school enjoys a high level of student participation in both varsity sports and intramural programs. In addition to intramural events, we are a founding member of the Private Schools Athletic Association and a member of the Small Schools Athletic Association. Naturally, our extensive Athletic program goes beyond Physical and Health Education to enhance overall learning.

Music: arguably one of the finest programs in the city

Primary students learn to read music, and are taught solo and choral singing, musical theory and history. Junior students in the instrumental band program learn and rehearse a chosen band instrument and learn all aspects of music theory and reading. Intermediate students continue in the band program. Students with a special aptitude may be selected for our Enriched music program, and perform with the high school’s performance and jazz bands. Enriched music students may also reach ahead and earn a Grade 9 music credit during their Grade 8 school year. Our intensely focused senior program asks students to see themselves as part of the school’s musical community and offers the option of earning music co-op credits; our jazz band provides yet another opportunity for creative self-expression.

For students who want to pursue music in their post-secondary studies, the senior program offers a unique advanced Musicianship course that fulfills all prerequisites for Canadian and U.S. music programs.

Arts: confidence is contagious

In addition to the Dramatic Arts and Visual Arts curriculum, our Arts program is designed to stimulate creative potential and balanced intellectual, emotional and physical development. Every division of the school produces a yearly theatrical production that engages students in all aspects of theatre production. An annual Arts and Music night every spring showcases our students’ creative talents.

Computers & Technology: an invaluable platform

Our expert computer staff keeps us on the cutting edge of computer education and gives students the skills to succeed in business and higher education. Two networked computer labs with monitored Internet access expose students to the most up-to-date software. We teach students theory and encourage them to learn by doing through hands-on problem solving. Cross-curriculum computer use is promoted across all subjects.

Clubs: spread their roots

Clubs are designed to enrich school life for your child and foster a lifelong love of learning. That’s why Newton’s Grove School offers extra-curricular clubs and activities that inspire your child to develop his or her personal interests and enhance their social interactions with other people.

We help nurture three student councils: one each for the Primary/Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions. The respective student body elects the members of each Student Council every fall. Over the years, events have included fundraising for foster children, food drives for local food banks, and social activities such as barbecues and dances.

  • Art clubs
  • Chess clubs
  • Drama clubs
  • French clubs
  • Book clubs
  • Science clubs
  • Healthy cooking club
  • Games club
  • Lego club
  • Student-run Charity Association
  • Music committee
  • Jazz band
  • Photography club
  • Yoga
  • Dance